Krojay, the World’s First and Only Handmade Crocheted Luxury Sneakers, Celebrates Local Success and Announces New Kickstarter Campaign

Krojay’s is the world’s premier crochet sneaker brand. Their colorful hand-crocheted designs and high-end designer look have made them popular with men and women of all ages, including fans of unique sneakers and designer shoes.

Phoenix, AZ – Krojay, a premium crochet shoe brand, has been recognized as the first and only maker of fully functional, 100% handmade, fashion-forward crochet sneakers. Krojay men’s and women’s shoes are totally unique and there is nothing in the world quite like them. Krojays are popular with men and women of all ages. The company recently announced an exclusive Kickstarter campaign to support the brand and its totally unique collection.

“Walking down the hallway of a federal prison where all the colors are dull and boring, I saw a brightly colored adult-sized crochet booty attached to a prison flip-flop sole, and Krojay was born,” said notes Jayson Lang, founder of Krojay. In two years I developed 3 different prototypes using different materials with a focus on durability, durability and comfort. Our current Krojay collection is the end product of a lot of hard work and creativity. Since launching the brand, Krojay’s has become known for its hand crocheted designs, very unique style and high quality craftsmanship,” he added.

Krojays are available in men’s sizes 9-13 and women’s sizes 6-10. They are machine washable. You can put them dirty in the washing machine and they come out looking like new. The Krojays are one of the most unique and comfortable shoes ever made!

The multicolored designs incorporated into the shoes range from a wide spectrum of colors and give each shoe a distinct look and they are sure to have a color that everyone will love.

In an effort to maintain the manufacturer sustainably, Krojays soles are made from recycled rubber and the uppers are made from recycled polyester. Each pair has double sided velor laces and a memory foam insole and is then lined and accented with full grain leather.

Krojay shoes are handmade in the city of Agra, India which has a long history of producing high quality shoes by skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work.

We are thrilled to launch a new Kickstarter campaign to support the brand and our unique collection. Footwear is, for the most part, a fashion segment that tends not to change much. Even some slight differences will attract people’s attention. You look through the latest shoe trends, and the changes are subtle. Krojay shoes are not, however. There is no other shoe in the world like them. They are truly unique, they look like high end $800.00 designer shoes.

Known for their exclusive high-end footwear, Krojay’s men’s and women’s collections have become popular among crowds interested in unique sneakers and designer shoes. The brand won the prestigious 2022 “Best Of The Valley Designer” award from Arizona Foothills magazine.

It’s an honor to win such a competitive competition, especially with less than 60 days after Krojay’s release, we received almost more votes than all the other designers combined,” he added.

To learn more, go to and sign up to receive updates and promotions related to our Kickstarter launch or visit and browse the current pre-sale collection for men and women. Plus, connect with Krojay on Facebook and Instagram on DoYouKrojay.

About Krojay

Krojay was founded by serial entrepreneur Jayson Lang, who was inspired to create the trendy crochet sneaker brand while serving a five-year prison sentence for a non-violent drug offense. Lang saw a brightly colored adult-sized crochet booty strapped to a prison flip-flop, sparking his inspiration to create Krojay, a brand of fully functional, handmade, fashion-forward crochet shoes. Krojay is becoming a leader in fashion-forward footwear. A graduate of Arizona State University, Lang currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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