Learn how to enhance your photographs with embroidery on fabric

There are many ways to get creative with embroidery. You will be amazed at what a humble needle and thread can produce. But having the idea and doing something are two different things. Luckily, with the help of artist Floor Giebels, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to create stunning embroidery on printed fabrics. His course titled Intermediate embroidery: get creative with printed fabrics is now available on our online learning platform, My Modern Met Academy.

For approximately two hours, Giebels will show you how to combine embroidery with fabric adorned with a photograph. Using this as a base, she will approach stitching techniques on the picture and improve it with yarn. The course takes you through two projects: creating realistic hair embroidery and sewing realistic clothing. When you’re done, she’ll show you how to finish and frame your hoops for display.

“I love helping other embroidery artists build their skills and learn new things,” Giebels shares. “I really enjoy working with printed fabrics and wanted to share some of my tips and tricks. First, we’ll find suitable images, then we’ll print the images onto fabric, and finally, add embroidery to create eye-catching artwork. I’m going to show students how to master this mixed media, and then the sky’s the limit!”

Register for Intermediate embroidery: get creative with printed fabrics on My Modern Met Academy today. When you’re done, check out our other courses that are sure to spark your creativity.

DMC embroidery thread

Taught by artist Floor Giebels, this class will teach you how to find images, create collages, and print them onto fabric.

iPad and photo printed on fabricPrinter

Giebels will also go over the points you need to know.

Demonstration of embroidery stitches

She then immersed herself in two projects: creating realistic hair embroideries…

Sew hair on printed fabricSew hair on printed fabricSewing hat on printed fabricSewing hat on printed fabricFloor Giebels holding a completed embroidery

…and embroider realistic garments.

Embroidery hoop and fabric with a photo printed on itSew clothes on printed fabricSew clothes on printed fabric

Learn more about the class in the introductory video below.

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