Lion Brand’s new Stranger Things collection revolutionizes knitting

Lion Brand’s Stranger Things designs include accessories from the show, such as Steve and Robin’s Scoops Ahoy necklace. | Source: lion mark

We are all waiting for news from stranger things Flight. 5. But in the meantime – and while you watch the show again – you can start knitting or crocheting Hawkins style with Lion Brand’s new Stranger Things patterns!

Whether you’re looking for the finishing touch for your Stranger Things Halloween costume or want to start a new DIY project, Lion Brand has three new designs to choose from.

If you’re a Hellfire Club fan, check out the design based on Eddie Munson’s denim vest, a perfect canvas to decorate with your own pins and crests. Those looking for the 80s nostalgia we’ve been waiting for stranger things will love the Hawkins Middle School themed leg warmers. Finally, anyone who loves Steve and Robin can show their love for Scoops Ahoy with a design to recreate their Season 3 uniform collar.

Next year, Lion Brand will release even more models and kits for the show, based on the Upside Down, Eggo Waffles, and Hawkins Middle School.

This isn’t the first time Lion Brands has brought pop culture to the craft aisle. This holiday season, the company released a selection of Schitt’s Creek yarns, patterns and accessories.

The stranger things patterns will be available at at the end of this month. Prices will range from $16.50 to $27.50.