Local knitting and crochet group donates handmade products to elementary students

A local knitting and crocheting group at a senior center is donating handmade winter essentials to children in need.

Making hats, scarves and mittens has become an annual event for Mercy Hilltop Senior Center’s knitting and crocheting group.

This year, more than 200 hats, 79 scarves and 18 pairs of mittens are given to children at Jefferson Elementary School.

The community school principal said families are already asking for these winter essentials.

“They’re going to be very grateful because every day there’s a family or two or three that come in and they need hats, they need gloves, they need scarves, it’s cold. It’s that time of year and kids lose things all the time. So they’re going to be very grateful to know that we have a great supply of stuff to help them get through the winter and keep them warm,” said Ashley Taylor, Director of Community Schools, Jefferson Elementary School.

Jefferson Elementary School hosts its annual winter coat drive and more. Stop at the elementary school to drop off your donations.