MC Crochet Club offers students a creative outlet – The Quadrangle

By Kelly Kennedy, social media editor

A tight-knit group of friends have started a new club here on campus to help students get creative and meet new people – Club Crochet. The Crochet Club is a new club at Manhattan College this semester, where four students hope to share their love of crochet with the community and help teach others how to crochet as well.

Samantha Perricelli, a junior, had the idea to launch this club last spring. Perricelli is now president and founder of the Crochet Club.

“I started crocheting a little over two years ago and had a few friends who also crocheted. So we decided to create a space for people who want to learn how to crochet or for people who want to become better crochet,” Perricelli said.

The crochet club held its first meeting last Monday at Kelly Commons. About 30 crocheters showed up at the first meeting.

Isabel Cameron is a senior who has just joined the Crochet Club.

“I joined the crochet club because it was so exciting for me that there is now a community of people who share my interest. I feel like recently crochet has become such a trend and having a community at school is amazing,” Cameron said.

Crocheting is an art form that in many cases has been passed down from generation to generation. According to Perricelli, many of the girls at the club learned to crochet from their family members.

“I feel like the majority of people, when you ask them how they got into crochet, are going to say they were taught by their grandmother or their mother. For me, that was my grandma. -mother. My grandma made so many blankets that I had in my house growing up. So she kind of introduced me to crochet. She gave me yarn and all her extra tools. And then I got started just by watching YouTube videos to learn how to do it,” Perricelli said.

The Crochet Club provides a creative outlet for the campus community and also aims to help others learn to crochet. You don’t need to have any crochet knowledge to participate. The club provides a fun place where students can hang out and even learn to crochet.

“For anyone interested but worried about not knowing how to do it or having to do it right, it really doesn’t matter. It is completely acceptable to sign up, regardless of your skill level. And we just want it to be like a really good community for people on campus. And even if you don’t want to crochet, that’s fine,” said Jessica DeFeo, vice president and co-founder of Crochet Club.

The club aims to hold many informal meetings throughout the semester, where they will try to help members acquire a basic knowledge of crochet. They also plan to hold a few events during the holidays.

“Right now we have four that are scheduled with no fixed date,” Perricelli said. “But we are going to have a Granny Square event in September. We are going to do a Halloween themed event where we are going to make little figurines, crochet pumpkins and ghosts and different Halloween figurines. And then for Thanksgiving, we’re going to make turkey and pumpkin coasters so we can all learn how to do the magic circle. The December event is just a little de-stressing. We’re going to make snowflakes or something like a warm holiday feel.

The crochet club does not currently have set meeting times, but those interested in joining can follow their instagram account, @mc_crochetclub for more information.