Muslim Gyanvapi family weave green silk sari with gold embroidery for idol of Goddess Sharada

Mangaluru, September 21: As Gyanvapi in Uttar Pradesh makes news for the Hindu-Muslim disagreement over the right to pray, a Muslim family is currently engaged in weaving a green silk sari with gold embroidery for the idol of the goddess Sharada here.

The idol will be installed in the Acharya mutt premises of the Sri Venkataramana Temple in Car Street here. The goddess will be draped in the sari, costing around Rs 8 lakh, on the day of ‘Shobha Yatra’ to be held here on October 6, Sharada Mahotsav Samithi media coordinator Manju Neereshwalya has said.

He said the saree is sponsored every year by Sudheer Pai of Kulyadikars Textiles. The embroidery is handmade by the fifth generation weavers of a Muslim family in Gyanvapi.

Although the Goddess is usually adorned in Benares silk saree with silver zari (silver thread) which costs around Rs 2 lakh, this year the sponsor decided to weave golden zari embroidery work for the sari, because it is the year of the centenary. of Sharada Mahotsava, Neereshwalya said.

Sharada Mahotsava was established in 1922 to bring people together during the independence movement. Devotees and well-wishers are donating a golden veena and peacock this year. We will see the goddess carrying the veena and the peacock placed next to the idol. A silver pedestal will also be dedicated to the goddess on the occasion.

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