North Khorasan Craftsmanship Receives National Seal of Excellence

TEHRAN – The National Seal of Excellence has been awarded to 11 high-quality works handcrafted by artisans in North Khorasan province, the provincial tourism chief has said.

Traditional embroidery and traditional musical instruments are among the works awarded the National Seal of Excellence, CHTN said Wednesday, citing Ali Mostofian.

Quality, creativity, the ability to be competitive in national and international markets, recyclability and suitability for daily life were the criteria used to choose the selected crafts, the official added.

The National Label of Excellence is awarded to selected quality works to support craftsmen, improve the quality of their work and preserve the originality of this sector, and create sustainable jobs.

With 14 entries, Iran ranks first in the world for the number of cities and towns registered by the World Crafts Council, followed by China with seven entries, Chile with four and India with three. In January 2020, the cities of Shiraz, Malayer and Zanjan and the village of Qassemabad were designated by the WCC-Asia-Pacific region, increasing the number of handicraft cities and villages in the world of Iran from ten to 14 .

Shiraz has been designated a “world city of [diverse] craft “. Malayer has become a global hub for woodcarving and carved wooden furniture. Zanjan has earned the title of “world watermark city”. And the village of Qassemabad, which is nationally known for its traditional costumes, has also been promoted as a global handicraft hub.

Chador Shab, a kind of home-made tracksuit for women, however, was the main subject of WCC’s assessment for the village.