Oakmont Embroidery fills a unique niche

There’s a new addition to Oakmont’s creative community with the recently opened Oakmont Embroidery, which is owned and operated by longtime Oakmont resident and arts professional Courtney Hall-Powell.

Headquartered in town, Oakmont Embroidery started in 2021 and offers a full range of embroidery and design services, including design creation, digitizing graphics, and hands-on embroidery that offers a custom piece service. per piece with a focus on quality, accessible and affordable products.

“Everything I produce, I touch and create with my own hands. I help with the design. Personally, I run the machine. I cut the threads by hand,” she said. “I help create the art, digitize it myself, make sure there are no trademark or licensing issues, and make sure quality materials are used.”

Hall-Powell’s department is equipped to handle orders of up to 500 pieces, although around 60 pieces is the sweet spot to optimize a combination of lead time, cost and quality. Oakmont Embroidery handles uniforms, aprons, vests, bags, towels, baby clothes, onesies, bibs, t-shirts and hats, but can tackle a range of professional and personal projects .

For example, one of his clients operates a pierogi business in Columbus, Ohio, and hired Oakmont Embroidery to revamp and digitize his logo and print it on various company items.

“Part of it was digitizing all these little pierogis,” she said.

Hall-Powell said being a professional in both the artistic and technical aspects of her business is key to delivering top-notch service and allows her to be so hands-on in everything she does.

“My art tends to be neat and clean. The lines are all tight and finished. Nothing is ever sloppy. beyond the digitization process,” she said.

Hall-Powell uses an in-house, single-head, 15-color commercial embroidery machine to produce all of her work and has become familiar with its operation during her five years at a large commercial embroidery company. Three of those years were spent training other employees on the machines.

“I really like working with machines,” she said.

But the onset of the covid-19 pandemic changed her outlook on her career and the direction she wanted it to take, so she decided it was the right time to make a move.

“I was forced by the pandemic to reevaluate my situation, and I regularly felt like I could create a product as good or better than all the big shopping venues. I have a passion. It’s not just a job for me.

She was then able to use her time at Duquesne University to study business management and use that education and work experience to start her own business. Headquarters in Oakmont seemed natural, as Hall-Powell lives in town with her husband, Michael.

“I love this community so much,” she said. “There is restlessness and on the other hand you also have a lovely sense of small community and how important it is to be united to help each other and create a good situation for all members of the community. community.”

Eventually, Oakmont Embroidery has plans to expand into gifts and decorations — all personally designed, of course — but for now, a busy schedule of in-town and out-of-town customers is pushing the new business forward.

“I want to make sure that as I move forward I can continue to handle everything in the same high-quality way because that’s what’s important to me,” Hall-Powell said. “So I want to be determined as I continue to grow and hopefully continue to be embraced by the community.”

Darren Yuvan is a contributing writer for Trib Total Media.