Olympian Tom Daley publishes book on knitting

Knitting – it’s not just for talkative old church ladies anymore. In fact, that hasn’t been the case for some time. Millennial women have made knitting cool again, and guys are now taking up the popular pastime too. It’s even become mainstream, from a TikToker that went viral for his sweater-making skills to Olympian Tom Daley who broke his needles and yarn at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Now the British diver, who claims an Olympic gold medal in diving, is making a splash in a whole new field: book publishing. Daley has written a handy guide to all things knitting titled Made with love: 30 great projects to do with mindfulness, wear with pride and give with joy. The volume will be out this fall from Dey Street Books. The publisher says the book will feature “very cool yarn creations” and that the projects in it “will range from toys to adult and children’s clothing to home decor.”

Daley is relatively new to the world of knitting. He picked it up at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and became the knitter seen around the world as he took up the hobby at the Olympics when not competing. A cardigan emblazoned with the Olympic rings and the British flag was an achievement of which he was particularly proud.

The athlete is equally eager to release his first book, as evidenced by this Instagram announcement.

“So yeah, it’s no secret that I’m completely obsessed with knitting!! For me, it’s fun, creative and never fails to calm my mind… it really offers something for everyone” , he captioned the video. “Really so excited that you can see this book because I’m already in love with it.”

Will Daley’s enthusiasm inspire a group of guys to take up knitting? We hope. The book will be released on November 22 in the United States, giving you just enough time to knit your own ugly Christmas sweater.

Cover photo: Clive Rose/Staff (Getty Images)