Our favorite embroidery kits for beginners

Need some downtime? Embroidery is the perfect hobby for you. Your hands are busy, but your mind has time to relax, and the whole experience leaves you feeling relaxed and wanting more.

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Plus, you end up with something cute to hang on your wall.

Hard to find has excellent embroidery kits available. Here are seven of our favorites.


1. Beautiful Scenery Embroidery Kit, $28.99, hard to find

This hand embroidery kit is ideal for beginners. It comes with everything you need and is easy enough that you can finish it in a weekend.


2. Plant Embroidery Kit, $25.99, hard to find

Plant lovers won’t be able to resist this embroidery kit. Featuring what looks like the popular monstera plant and a few succulents, this embroidery will be the perfect addition to your wall.


3. Sunshine Embroidery Kit, $52, hard to find

You will only feel positive vibes with this Sunshine Embroidery Kit. This Includes beautiful cotton fabric, the highest quality cotton, hoop and needle, full-color, easy-to-follow brilliant instructions with photos, and a small gift from Stitch Studio to enhance your sewing experience. Packaged in a beautiful gift box, this gift is also 100% sustainable.


4. Modern Plant Embroidery Kit, $26.99, hard to find

Another great choice for green hands. Once you’re done, these plants will bloom on your wall without requiring any attention from you.


5. Cat Embroidery Kit, $26.99, hard to find

If it fits, I sit down. All cat owners will identify with this image of a cat trying to sit in a hanging planter. This is another perfect embroidery kit for beginners. Turn off your phone and let your hands work their magic.


6. Cat with Flowers in Hair Embroidery Kit, $25.88, hard to find

Another for cat lovers, this kit would also make a great gift – or you can keep it for yourself.


7. Greenery Embroidery Kit, $24.99, hard to find

Finally, this embroidery kit will be the envy of all your friends.


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