Paige VanZant pulls down crochet bikini top that’s too small for a big chest

Paige VanZant shows off her massive assets in new bikini snaps!

The bare-knuckle boxer wowed her fans with another round of snaps of herself in a bikini. VanZant dropped the sultry new upload to his Instagram feed earlier today, and it got a ton of attention from his enthusiastic audience.

Exposing too much skin

Instagram | Paige Van Zant

The 28-year-old rocked a tiny two-piece for her sultry post. Her ensemble included a top with string ties secured behind her neck and around her back. Her handmade crochet design featured a range of vibrant colors, such as blue as the base, red for the mushroom design, and white as the spots. The garment also featured tiny triangular cups that barely contained her colossal chest. She flipped to the sides – showing off a tantalizing view of her sideboob. Her plunging neckline, meanwhile, displayed ample cleavage.

VanZant paired her top with a pair of matching bottoms that sat high at her sides and low at the front. The style of her swimsuit helped accentuate the contrast between the MMA fighter’s hips and her waist. Her flat stomach was also on display between the top and bottom pieces. Like the top, the thong also had strings tied in delicate knots on the sides of her waist. Its low-cut sides and the small fabric exposed a lot of skin that left little to the imagination.

Tease his viewers

Paige VanZant posing for the camera.
Instagram | Paige Van Zant

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant struck several poses in her bikini outdoors. In the first photo, she was seen standing in front of a plant with trees spotted behind her. VanZant appears to have positioned her left leg over the other while pulling up on her bikini top. She pulled the center string down using her thumbs as she faced the camera, offering a sultry gaze.

VanZant struck a similar pose in the second slide. This time, she turned her head slightly to one side while continuing to stare into the lens. Meanwhile, the third photo looked like the first photo.

VanZant’s skin looked moist in the footage, making her tanned complexion look even more radiant.

An impressive display

Paige VanZant posing for the camera.
Instagram | Paige Van Zant

The professional wrestler wore no accessories beyond her wedding ring and she also kept her makeup simple. Long lashes framed her eyes and bold eyebrows further accentuated her look. While VanZant sported eyeshadow on her lids, she seemed to have given up on lipstick. As for her locks, they were parted in the center and wet at the ends.

“If psychedelic mushrooms can grow from poop, so can you,” VanZant wrote in the caption.

Driving the fans into a frenzy

The stunning slideshow has quickly met with incredible fan support, racking up over 59,000 likes since it was uploaded a few hours ago. Moreover, more than 580 of them expressed their admiration for the model’s curves, gorgeous looks and skimpy swimsuit in the comments section.

“Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Normally I get tired of looking at pictures of the same woman over and over again, but you kind of get exponentially hotter and bada**a** over time,” one noted. of them.

“Undeniably sexy,” exclaimed another fan.

“You are just too good,” remarked the third commentator.

NFT to win

Besides being an influencer, VanZant is also an AEW (All Elite Wrestling) wrestler, a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fighter, a former UFC star, and a member of American Top Team.

Currently, she is into tech as she recently released her own NFTs.