People Are Obsessed With These DIY Crochet Fairy Lights

The fairy aesthetic is gaining popularity, it is charming, sweet and magical. In home decor, think soft twinkling lights, elegant florals, light pastels with lots of soft greens and subtle pinks, sparkles and magical prints.

Lifestyle and crafter @_itskenken_ has teamed up with craft store Michaels to show us a DIY project that resembles the fairytale aesthetic of the T, and we’re obsessed.

Her crochet twinkle fairy lights aren’t a DIY task for the faint of heart, they take some serious crochet skills, time and determination. To make her fairy garlands, she starts with a basic twinkle strand of lights, then measures it to figure out how many flowers and how many leaves to crochet individually. After finishing her flowers and leaves, she then crochets a light ombre green around the strand of the string lights, making sure to leave the lights exposed. Once the strand is covered, she then ties her flowers, adding a few around the lights making sure the bulb is in the center and crocheting the leaves all over.

The end result is so precious; If you’re a crocheter and fairy aesthetics are your thing, you should definitely try your skills with these fairy string lights!

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