People at school call me ‘the crochet guy’

Jordan, Melbourne takeover winner – Frankston, Victoria

Two years ago I came across a cute picture of a crocheted dinosaur.

We were confined and the relentless flow of bad news was crazy.

But this photo really brightened my day — and I thought, “you know what, I’m going to learn how to do this!”

I like to describe crochet as an art, with yarn.

You do this by looping yarn, usually wool, with a crochet needle.

Once I finished making my own dinosaur, I felt great pride and the process made me feel calm and relaxed.

Crochet ignited a creative spark in me. And once I started, I couldn’t stop.

I’ve now created about 70 pieces – from amigurumi (it’s the Japanese art of making stuffed animals) to blankets, scarves, bags, clothes and hats.

I made many, and many hats.

Making each new creation pushed me to seek out more challenging and challenging projects, like crocheting an entire outfit.

I crochet whenever I get the chance. Even in public.

Everyone at school knows me as “the hook guy”.

I also have a group of friends at school who also like to crochet.

We even created a craft club.

About 10-15 of us get together once a week over lunch at the library. It is an ideal place to relax.

Crocheting is my happy place. This is where I can refocus and create something beautiful and unique at the same time.

Most people learn crochet from others, but for me it was one of the first things I learned on my own.

And I keep this dinosaur on my desk to remind me of how far I’ve come in my crochet journey.