Pokemon Fan Makes Awesome Hook

A very talented Pokemon fan shows off his adorable and awesome version of the Grass/Poison type Pokemon Oddish in hook form.

odisque crochet fan

Pokemon has seen its fair share of adorable fan-made crafts from its titular pocket monsters. Recently, a Pokemon fan decided to create and show off their awesome version of a crochet Pokemon with adorable Oddish dolls.

Oddish is a Grass and Poison-type Pokémon first introduced in Generation 1. It is officially classified as a “Weed Pokémon” that resembles a root vegetable in appearance. Oddish has a blue body with small feet and five leaves growing out of its head. In games, it evolves into Gloom at level 21 and will then evolve into either Bellossom or Vileplume depending on its exposure to certain stones. It is present in all games and generations as well as the anime adaptations.


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Reddit user JonYehWest posted an image of his crochet creations based on the Pokemon Oddish. The dolls are very small and they are posed in the image with one in a small flowerpot and the other alone. Each has two small black beads for eyes and three leaves growing from the top of the figures. The comments on the post explained how adorable the little dolls are and how much they want one.

Many fans have their own versions of Pokemon crochet crafts, with this one being one of the most adorable. The versatility of this version is evident with the ability to place it in a small plant pot as pictured. JonYehWest posted this image asking for feedback on his version of a crocheted Oddish plushie, possibly in preparation for adding it to his online store where he has lots of cool crochet Pokemon.

The little feet on the tiny figures are a highlight as they add an even more adorable element to an already cute design. This adds to a long list of talents Pokemon fans who have made adorable thread creations of Pokemon like the original starter lineup and Meganium, to name a few.

Crochet crafts are just one way that fans represent their favorite Pokemon, but it’s easily one of the most adorable. These cute little Oddish creations seem to be getting a lot of love, as is the case with most of the work JonYehWest has in his shop.. Pokemon The fans are a passionate bunch, with an equally similar passion for creating wonderful things like this for the whole world to share in the love they have for the franchise.

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