Pokemon Fan Showcases Massive Collection Of Over 500 Crocheted Creatures

A Pokemon fan showed off his massive collection of over 500 currently existing handmade Pokemon with the goal of crocheting them all.

only one Pokemon fan has crocheted over 500 different species of Pokemon into a massive collection, and there’s even more to come. As soon as the exit of Pokemon Legends: Arceusthere is now a grand total of 905 different species of pocket monsters, plus the next three additional Gen-9 Starters Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon is a major source of inspiration for all kinds of fan art. Just take a look at a Pokemon-themed subreddit every day to see a new crop of creations from passionate gamers. There are all kinds of drawings and paintings, including hyper-realistic renderings of famous Pokémon and original animations. Artists also post their “fakémon” all the time, which are custom ideas for new Pokemon in the style of the series’ longtime art director Ken Sugimori. Cooking and baking is another hugely popular category, but Pokemon perhaps even more important is crochet and craftsmanship.


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The hook is often seen in the Pokemon community, but Reddit user pokemoncrochet has now created over 500 individual Pokemon in thread form. They’ve posted a compilation of their creations so far, which is almost nine minutes long and contains no duplicates (except for a few shiny versions). According to the video, pokemoncrochet has been working steadily on this project for years, since 2015. They plan to freehand crochet one of each Pokemon and have now reached 503 in total.

In response to a comment pokemoncrochet says they use a reference image for each pokemon and copy the image. While it may seem difficult to convert 2D pixel sprites into three-dimensional crochets, pokemoncrochet actually reveals that the process is rather simple. So far pokemoncrochet has made about 100 monsters a year and wants to line them all up in Pokemon‘s National Dex order once they have finished all last.

Crocheting one of all the Pokemon in existence is a daunting undertaking, but pokemoncrochet certainly seems to be enjoying the journey. They already have a lot of awesome work to show off, and other fans can follow them on social media to see their daily progress. On the other hand, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are slated to launch later this year, and will no doubt add a load of new Pokemon into the mix – perhaps pushing the total to over 1000. Only time will tell if pokemonhook can create new Pokemon faster than Nintendo can unveil them with each new generation.

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Source: pokemonhook/Reddit

Editor’s note 5/2/22: The article has been updated with the correct number of currently confirmed Pokémon.

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