Preserving the traditional craft of embroidery in Hanoi | Company

An embroidery class in the village of Tay Mo, Hanoi. (Photo:

Hanoi (VNS/VNA) – Women from Tay Mo village in Hanoi’s Nam Tu Liem district teach embroidery for free to young people, in the hope that they will carry on the traditional craft.

This class is special in that the teachers were skilled artisans who mastered embroidery during the French colonial era.

Do Thanh Huong, founder of the embroidery class, said Tay Mo village has artisans who have been embroidering since the war of resistance against French colonialists.

Huong said, “Our wish is to collect and exchange embroidery, moreover, we hope the embroidery job of Tay Mo Village will be restored and developed.”

Nghiem Thi Binh, one of the teachers, said: “I am over 60 years old. The class reminds me of decades when my parents taught me how to embroider before I got married. »

Binh said that when she was 17, she joined the embroidery group with other single girls.

“There were nights when we got together to do embroidery all night long,” she said.

“Now I am very happy to teach the young people in the class. Every day I look forward to coming to class.”

“The girls in the class pick up skills very quickly. It’s only the second day, but their embroidery lines are very smooth and crisp.

Tran Bao An, 17, said she was very happy and excited.

“I really want to learn embroidery, it is not very difficult for me. It is the traditional craft of the village and I want to follow in the footsteps of the artisans.

Tran Van Long said that when he was a child, it was not hard to find women holding embroidery frames in one hand and a bundle of colorful threads in the other.

All class products are entirely handmade.

“The machine can be fast, but certainly can’t be soulful,” said Nghiem Thi Binh.

Also according to Binh, hand-embroidered products are more durable, sophisticated and also more expensive.

Not wanting to lose the trade of embroiderer was the goal of women when they came to embroidery class.

In the summer, many students also took advantage of their free time to take embroidery lessons, in order to pass on their passion for the traditional craftsmanship of their ancestors.

Tran Thi Khanh Van, Head of Tay Mo Village Embroidery Group, said, “The village has many famous and beautiful places such as Am Temple and the Old Communal House.

“The image of women next to an embroidery loom, inside the old communal house, is very impressive and attracts visitors, especially if the local authorities jointly organize with visits to craft villages.”

Those who once spent their childhood embroidering want the local authorities to preserve the traditional craft village.

Additionally, they hope that Tay Mo Village will be an attractive destination for visitors who not only purchase hand embroidery products, but witness firsthand the skilled hands of artisans creating beautiful products./.