Shaanxi Church trains staff members in hand knitting

To improve the overall personal quality of church staff and solve the problem of re-employment, a hand-knitting training course was held for staff members in Hancheng, Shaanxi.

The Hancheng Municipal CC&TSPM invited Jia Xiaoli, a teacher from the city’s professional handicraft cooperative, to teach more than 60 staff members from July 8 to 9, according to the CCC&TSPM. In the training course held by the Hancheng CC & TSPM for the first time, Jia first introduced the current situation and prospects of the hand knitting industry, explaining the essentials and skills of hand knitting. hand by combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

As well as integrating faith into the lives of church personnel, the training course was an attempt to promote Christianity in China by combining the traditional art of hand knitting with Christian beliefs.

– Translated by Stephen Huang


Shaanxi Church trains staff members in hand knitting