Shopian’s “Embroidery Man” Gulzar Lone With Support From KVIB Hits His Way To Success

Shopian, January 7:- Opportunities in life rarely present themselves, but when the opportunity is offered by a government service, it should be taken first and without hesitation.

The District Khadi Village and Industry Center, Shopian offers a number of such programs for people who are enthusiastic, dedicated and want to build their entrepreneur units or want to promote handicrafts.

Gulzar Ahmad Lone, a resident of Khasipore in Shopian, took advantage of financial assistance from KVIB and stitched his efforts into a successful embroidery craft which earned this craftsman the nickname “Embroidery Man”.

Gulzar Ahmed Lone, who embraced the art of embroidery from an early age when he was just nine years old. He had acquired a sharp and subtle skill in sewing over the years while his figure tips had received needle pricks leaving them bleeding.

As life kept moving and needs multiplied, he felt the lack of money to meet his own needs. During this phase of life, he deliberated on starting his own embroidery business which he mastered through hard work and skill.

His pragmatic approach to his own ideas led him to KVI, Shopian, where he applied for financial assistance to start his business.

At KVI Shopian, Gulzar discussed his passion for embroidery with the officers, who affectionately guided him through the process and provided him with financial assistance of Rs four lakh in the first instance.

Deputy Training Officer (ATO), Department of Khadi and Village Industries, Shopian, Muhammad Abdullah, speaking about Gulzar, said he was enrolled in the credit card and artisan bearer scheme to avail the benefits programs. He added that Gulzar was also well versed in embroidery work but needed financial assistance.

ATO said that as soon as we finished inspecting his paperwork and made sure he knew about the job, we immediately sanctioned the amount in his favour.

As his journey started from the basic stage, he continued his work with sharp intelligence and management in addition to timely guidance from the department. He purchased raw materials like cloth and thread from the stile and established an embroidery center at his residence.

Gradually, his business grew and his annual turnover also increased in several ways. Today, Gulzar completes a variety of embroidery products in its own center with growing demand. According to his statement, Gulzar said that there is currently a huge demand for embroidered sarees, suits and dupattas in Kashmir.

Taking over KVIB took him a huge step towards prosperity. Today, he also prepares finished products for national and international customers. In this regard, he said, “People all over the world demand embroidered sarees, Dupatta suits made in Kashmir, especially those who have jobs.” He added that tourists when visiting prefer embroidery products, which helps this business flourish.

As his field of activity widened, he began to develop new contacts outside the valley. “Sometimes people contact me to deliver items to their stores in Delhi and other parts of India,” he said. While talking about his trusted clients, he said that a female doctor from Jammu recently bought him a saree which costs Rs 2.50 Lakh.

Some of her regular but wealthy customers even make special requests of Sari who goes by the name “Farmaishi Sari”. “This type of Sari takes a huge amount of time, sometimes a whole year or more, and effort to finish,” Gulzar said. “However, it also makes a lot of money,” he added.

He inspired many other people in the region to take up this business while watching Gulzar walk the path of economic success. KVIB’s proactive approach to aid and financial assistance has increased the number of people joining the embroidery pursuit.

Today, a number of other people report directly to him. To expand his business activity, KVIB sponsors him while J&K Bank has also given him a loan for the same purpose.