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“I also spend evenings and weekends during busy periods, but since I love what I do, it really doesn’t feel like work!

“I grew the business to a point where it wouldn’t be manageable if I worked full time, which I’m extremely proud and grateful for.”

Kirsty is just one of many invested in generating additional sources of income and more so now that the cost of living is skyrocketing.

Cashback sites have grown in popularity over the year, with one savvy Londoner claiming to earn up to £1,000 on top of her monthly income using a social event app called Block.

Speaking of Bloc, Lisa Misfud, 27, told Express.co.uk: “All I have to do is check in to the cafes, restaurants and bars I already go to, and the app will take me there. cash reward once i checked in a certain amount i don’t have to do anything more.

“I am currently earning between £500 and £1000 a month on top of my salary. I plan to save my Bloc earnings over the next few months to pay the crazy energy bills that are coming.

Like Block, apps like ZIPZERO, Airtime Rewards and Quidco have also helped households save a few pounds.

Airtime Rewards user Tracey Walker told Express.co.uk: “Using Airtime Rewards has saved me over £60 on my phone bill. It’s so simple to set up and you earn rewards without even thinking about it. And redeeming them is just as easy.”