Texas Art Embroidery merges with 4EZTees.com

Houston-based decorator Texas Art Embroidery has merged with Houston-based 4EZTees.com (asi/53512). The merger will provide Texas Art Embroidery customers with an expanded line of decorating methods and products, according to owner Randy Sheinberg. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

From left to right, Norman and Micah Staralow of 4EZTees.com and Eddie and Randy Sheinberg of Texas Art Embroidery.

The merged companies’ operations will move to 4EZTees.com’s 70,000 square foot warehouse, though the companies plan to use the two trade names interchangeably “like the same family”, according to 4EZTees.com’s Micah Staralow. .

Texas Art Embroidery was started in 1958 by Randy Sheinberg’s father, Eddie. At 92, Eddie Sheinberg remains active in the business, coming into the office almost every day.

When merging, Randy Sheinberg said it was important to find someone as passionate about teamwork as he was. So he turned to his longtime friend Norman Staralow, owner of 4EZTees.com. The couple have been friends for over 40 years.

The merger with Texas Art Embroidery is a “dream come true”, said Norman Staralow.

embroidery warehouse

After the merger, Texas Art Embroidery moved its operations to 4EZTees.com’s 70,000 square foot warehouse in Houston.

Micah Staralow, Norman’s son, will play a major role in leading the merged companies. Micah, who earned a master’s degree from the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business, joined 4EZTees.com full-time about three years ago. Since then, 4EZTees.com has tripled the size of its facilities and added a new department, according to Micah. The merger with Texas Art Embroidery will further expand operations. In total, the store will house 12 screen printing presses, 190 embroidery heads, pad printing, automated folding, heat transfer vinyl, dye sublimation, direct to garment printing, flatbed printing, UV printing, decals, signs, banners, large format and a CNC router. The store will also offer fulfillment services.