The 10 best crochet tops to try, just in time for summer

I’m a shameless festival queen. Though festivals get a bad rap these days — turned into shows that spawn questionable “fashion” choices like cropped tops and fringe — I remain firmly in my fervor. There’s a feeling you get when you first enter the grounds of the festival: a rush of serotonin, with an edge of frenzied excitement. The world suddenly seems smaller and the people are nicer. (Well, that is, until an inebriated person pushes you out of their way as they stumble towards the toilet line).

I attended Coachella for the sixth (!) time this year, and while some elements of it were very annoying – namely, the process of getting out of the festival site and how crowded it felt everywhere you went – that “festival feeling” was present, as I remembered. And as far as fashion choices go – well, turns out crochet tops like the one I wore this weekend aren’t just for the fields of Indio (ask Missoni).

Cut to: my new obsession with knit style and the versatility it offers. yes I am that girl who brought her questionable festival fashion choices to real life. What can I say ? The adrenaline I get when I wear my black top(s) is unmatched.

TZR covered the crochet trend last summer, attributing its rise to the ’70s revival and even some of our new knitting habits (not mine) picked up over the past two years, and its popularity has only that grow since (two words: crochet swimsuits).

If you, too, want to channel your inner 70s Woodstock fairy, shop some of my favorite tops ahead of time—no festival attendance necessary.

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