The best merino wool for knitting and crocheting –

Merino sheep’s fleece is soft and fine, resulting in a wool that feels better against the skin than regular wool. It is easy to see why these natural fibers are favored by knitters and crocheters, as they are an ideal material to transform into cozy, fluffy and warm creations. When selecting a merino yarn, you should judge it by its feel and appearance, but also consider its weight and ply, that is, the number of strands twisted together at the during the manufacturing process. These will affect the stitch structure and definition of your finished work, as well as the needles you will need to use. Whichever brand of yarn you choose, remember to pay attention to the care instructions. Below you will find our selection of the best merino wools.

1. Bold Sugar Bush Yarn Knit

It’s hard to fault this versatile, mid-weight yarn from Canadian company Sugar Bush Yarns, which is satisfying to work with and to wear. Made from 100% superfine merino, it’s stretchy and supremely soft, with rich natural fibers that will make your stitches pop. It is also a superwash yarn, that is to say that it has been treated to resist washing, even in the washing machine!, without losing its structure and color.

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Sugar Bush Yarn Bold Knit


2. Drops Superwash Merino Wool Yarn

Feel good knowing the origins of this eight-ply yarn. Each skein is made with extra-fine merino wool fibers sourced from free-range sheep in South America; the fibers were then cable spun to create high strength and elasticity. Enjoy crisp stitch definition with every project, especially if you’re creating a texture with moss or seed stitches. This yarn is also superwash treated, so you can run your creations through the machine with a gentle wash cycle.

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Drops Superwash Merino Wool Yarn


3. Tehete Merino Wool

With three skeins per multipack, this light-fingered (aka three-ply) weight option is perfect for projects that require lots of material of the same color, or for knitters looking to stock up on supplies. Made in China, 100% merino wool is soft, shiny and super fine. The threads also have a nice spring and resist fraying.

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Tehète Merino Wool


4. Ella Rae Merino Lace Yarn

Each skein of Ella Rae features stunning color with subtle tonal variations, whether you’re working with a charcoal gray scale or a festive, confetti-like rainbow palette. That’s because each product, made from 100% organic mule-free merino, is hand-dyed in small batches in Italy using eco-friendly processes. Uniquely complex and variegated, these fine, lightweight yarns are also colorfast and incredibly soft to the touch.

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Ella Rae Merino Lace Yarn


5. BAE Living Dreams Yarn

Enjoy next-level softness with this bulky wicking yarn, which is a nice option for making cozy knits. The fibers have been transformed into a yarn made from a single noble strand that allows you to knit or crochet textures while reducing weight. Like other Living Dreams products, these yarns are carefully hand-dyed in small batches in the foothills of Mount Rainier, so each skein features unique color variations.

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Yarn BAE Living Dreams