The Serendipity edition of Needledust has mules with handpicked wood twigs in the embroidery

Inspired by nature, the latest Serendipity edition from jutti’s label, Needledust, features seven intricately handcrafted mules embellished with threads, glass beads and sequins. This collection features a unique riot of colors balanced with earthy and neutral hues such as terracotta, sage and ivory.

“For the first time, we have experimented with real, handpicked twigs of wood on our juttis and used them in embroideries that display a fusion of Indian heritage craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. Aztec patterns, the macrame technique and strong geometric patterns are all there, in addition to shimmering crystals, beads, and sequins,” says Shirin Mann, founder and creative lead of the brand.

We spoke to her to find out more about channeling the ethnic look with mules.

Tell us how mules are catching up as a versatile fashion statement?

Comfort being key, now people understand that fashion is not just what it looks like, but also what it feels like. With shoes, the idea is that you can use it repeatedly. Mules can be worn in the office, for a party, in a bar, with your Indian and Western outfits. So it is a versatile fashion statement in this aspect.

The latest edition of Needledust Serendipity

How is shoe design changing?

People are now shoe connoisseurs in a real sense. There are so many amazing shoe designs that have come out with the expansion of the industry like never before. For example, we started with juttis, then we ventured into mules, sandals and heels. In the coming holiday season, we are also launching men’s clothing as well as a new type of women’s shoes. It is therefore a constantly evolving and massive market.

Do you see heels fading away when it comes to Indian clothing?

Personally, I don’t think heels are going away, but the market share for flats has become much bigger in recent years. When we were planning to launch heels, our priority was to make sure they were both comfortable and stylish.

The latest edition of Needledust Serendipity
The latest edition of Needledust Serendipity

Give us some tips on how to take care of these fancy, handcrafted mules?

We therefore recommend that the mules are aired out every time you wear them to avoid locking in moisture and please do not brush and rub your mules to clean them. Dry and clean them only.

How do you build sustainability into your shoes?

We make sure our shoes are durable in two ways. First, make it transitional clothing, second, we have a line of vegan shoes, and third, we changed the packaging. All our packaging is eco-energy and EMA certified. Also, our shoe bags are not made of polyester and are made with natural muslin.

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