These Crochet Halloween Costumes Are The Ultimate DIY Project

When Pokorny says she crochets it, she’s not kidding. The craftswoman doesn’t just whip up a pretty scarf or hat for her kids, she pulls out all the stops with a head-to-toe costume that must take her hours and hours to create. The result? Totally one-of-a-kind crochet costumes (which you can see in this Facebook post).

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Most knitters and crocheters agree that they follow a pattern when making their scarves, blankets, and hats. But for these gorgeous costumes, that’s not the case.

“The elaborate costumes are freehand and patternless and not for sale, just labors of love for my babies ♡” says Pokorny.

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Crochet Halloween Costumes
Crochetverse/Stephanie Pokorny

Over the years, the incredible craftsman has created ET, the Smurfs, Friday Kahlo, Slimer de ghost hunters, Harry Potter, Skeletor, a banana, a gnome, Slenderman, and more. (You can see the collection on Facebook.)

While we’re definitely looking at the finished product, we’re mostly enthralled by the fact that Pokorny makes Halloween costumes for his kids with no pattern. Not only that, she keeps the costumes as part of her own collection, never selling them.

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Crochet Halloween Costumes
Crochetverse/Stephanie Pokorny

If you want to try your hand at crochet, you’re in luck. You can purchase patterns (not the actual finished product) from Ravelry and Pokorny’s Etsy store, Crochetverse. Although you won’t find any options for the costumes she made for her children, you’ll find plenty of other designs for Halloween-worthy hats, masks, and wigs.