Threads of Time Embroidery Exhibition by Lesley Lynch

The ‘Threads of Time’ is an exhibition of family heritage and the skills of a rich craft culture passed down through five generations of one family, which runs at Clonmel Library until next Friday 29th July.

Lesley Lynch has always had a passion for color and texture, and finds crafts and textile art a fascinating way to express it.

This exhibition shows the extent of his skills in textile art.
Lesley’s natural ability to craft exemplary wearables using fabric and wool was evident from an early age. Her interest in textiles soon extended to weaving, through a desire to make the fabric itself.

Later, she began creating framed works of art, from experimental beadwork and symmetrical batiks, to scenes created from free-moving embroidery and painted still lifes.

Lesley Lynch was born in 1961 in Dublin and has lived in Clonmel for 25 years. Textile crafts and textile art are at her heart and she is very experienced in sewing, felting, knitting, weaving, embroidery, crocheting, fabric printing and painting. In the 1980s, she owned and ran her own
the craft/knitting company ‘Breffni Crafts’.

In 2005, Lesley resumed her studies and achieved distinction in the FETAC Level 5 ‘Arts and Crafts’ course at CTI Clonmel. Subsequently, she attended many workshops to improve, and continued to paint and work in textile crafts. Pattern and color are at the heart of his work.

Lesley became a member of the South Tipperary Art Group in 2006, and with STAG she has participated in numerous exhibitions and voluntary art projects. Under STAG, she gave several workshops to children and adults in Clonmel.

She is also a member of the ‘Clonmel Craft Circle’, a group of like-minded craftspeople who meet regularly at the Clonmel Library and share ideas etc. The group exhibits and sells their crafts at their annual exhibition at Clonmel Library.

In 2010 she started a new business, ‘Lesley Lynch Textile Crafts’. She has offered services in courses in clothing and upholstery alteration, embroidery and textile crafts. Recently, she was a finalist at the RDS Annual Craft Competition) and also a “GoGreen” finalist at the RDS Knitting and Stitching Show Competition.

Now retired, Lesley takes advantage of the extra time she now has to pursue her passions.