Vietnamese woman in France becomes best-selling author of crochet books

Ngoc Anh was a chemistry student in a high school for the gifted and an economics student in college. However, since childhood, Anh has been fond of handicrafts. Beautiful and beautiful things have always attracted her.

One day on Instagram she saw a photo of a little girl wearing a handmade woolen hat.

At that time, Anh only knew knitting and had never heard of crochet.

However, she decided to continue. She searched the Internet for information about crochet and bought books to read. And its first product was made, with many errors. Anh took photos of her daughter wearing a woolen hat and showed the photos to her friends.

She signed up to join groups of like-minded people and learn more from other members. She admitted that the first products were not good, but she still received compliments from other always very polite people.

At first, crocheting was just a hobby she did when she had free time. Her main task then was to take care of her daughter. However, her French husband encourages her to pursue her passion.

After making simple and small products such as caps, scarves and bags, she started making stuffed animals and toy dolls. At first she just made things up in a way that was explained in the books. Later, she created products with her own ideas.

Six months later, Ngoc Anh launched her first crochet pattern.

As Anh takes crocheting as serious work, she wanted to write her own books. With a clear goal and a growing following after introducing new crochet patterns, she became more determined to achieve her dream.

She couldn’t imagine that just 10 months after learning to crochet, she would receive invitations to write books from two publishing houses.

“I didn’t think things would happen so soon. At that time, my Instagram account only had 10,000 followers (the figure is now 134,000) and I could only design about 10 models,” she said.

Anh’s greatest achievement is the completion of two books in English and French, which have been translated into six other languages. She has also had many projects with magazines and wool companies to design woolen pets.

Nguyen Thao