What is knitting and how do you style knitted garments?

Using two or more needles, loops or stitches are slipped into each other to create fabric from wool or other forms of yarn, and this process is called knitting. Let’s find out in detail.

What is knitting?

By producing loops of yarn in a row, flat or round, knitting is a technique of manipulating yarn to create a textile, or fabric, which is used to make many different forms of clothing.
Knitting is done with needles, but it can also be done with fingers and without any other equipment. Another type of knitting that uses a hook with a cord attached to the end is known as knooking. While multiple knit materials are possible due to variations in yarn, needle size and stitch pattern.

How do you style knitwear?

You have to be knit to win when it comes to cold weather style, and choosing the right fall/winter knit will keep you from freezing and serve as a winter style statement in itself. While not all knits are created equal, there are nine other depressing, shapeless alternatives waiting to drive your fashion stash to zero for every covet-worthy sweater design. Therefore, it is crucial to style your knitted garments expertly.

Wearing a turtleneck is now a classic. This is a gender neutral fabric that goes with any pair of jeans you might have in your closet. Moreover, a cardigan is one of the trendiest choices of these seasons right now and even styling them becomes easy if you have the color and length according to your preference that works best for you.