When I was knitting I didn’t realize I was creating a piece of history

NEVER in history has the humble craft of knitting been so misunderstood, including by me!

Being one of the Gaidhealtachd, knitting was an integral part of my young life where the hands of mothers, aunts and their friends were never idle. As a poor former participant of the craft myself – my husband was often subjected to my uni-a-purl love-related endeavors, which included a jacket with arms and a body made for a giant of 8′ for his 5’9” ​​body – I failed to relate my efforts to such historic and integrated cultural craftsmanship and see that I was actually creating a piece of history.

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Although my creations gave us joy in future laughs and anecdotes when knitting was mentioned, if I had known the cultural significance I might have been more defensive about my little piece of history !

Thursday’s article (New academic book on knitting aims to pass on the love of craftsmanship) transforms the wool of Scottish life into an often dismissed and misunderstood skill, showing it as a true piece of history, from quality Scottish culture and craftsmanship.

Christine Smith