Woman Creates Cutest Crochet Lizard and We’re Obsessed

Want a DIY project but don’t know where to start? Why not try crocheting, and more specifically, why not try crocheting cute animals?

Crocheting creatures is, honestly, so much fun! These are easy, quick and portable crafts that can be completed quickly. Plus, they’re great for beginner crocheters, especially if you’re trying something even easier than usual, like this crochet lizard, which mixes up both common crochet and friendship bracelet patterns. for the overall look!


Today we have Carmen over on TikTok showing off her incredibly cute design for the perfect crochet lizard you’ll want to get the pattern for ASAP. The best part about this crochet project is that you don’t have to know any crazy designs or even figure out how to weave one color into another – you just have to be able to make little crochet tubes about 2 inches in size. long.

Carmen starts her project with a bunch of these little “tubular” shapes, along with a few feet longer crochet line. Then, using a color pattern many beg her to release, she begins to make a lacing pattern almost like a friendship bracelet, alternating colors and spacing to create first the head, then the body. and the legs, and finally the tail of this ultra adorable lizard friend.

The end result is, honestly, stunning, and so simple! You could spend hours and hours making a lizard body similar to this one, but we love how easy it looks to put together. You can create your own colors entirely, making them one hundred percent customizable to your (or a friend’s) taste!