Woobles Crochet Amigurumi for all occasions

My first attempt at learning to crochet was nothing short of a disaster.

I was then Excited when I received the kit, promising to teach me how to crochet characters from a popular franchise (which won’t be named), but when I tried to get started I immediately ran into several obstacles. For one thing, the very first step was a magic loop – something even some long-time crocheters still struggle to do – and the written instructions were terrible. Second, the wire that came with the kit was a stiff, frayed mess, and after a few failed attempts at the magic loop, the wire had somehow turned into a ball of nothing but tangles. I spent hours trying to untangle everything before abandoning this little project for good.

Over five years later, I decided to give it another try with a The Woobles kit, and the experience has been night and day. The kit came with everything I needed to crochet an adorable amigurumi stuffed dinosaur, along with a link to online instructions with visual tutorials, for each step of the process. The videos explained crochet in a way that really made me to understand but the best part was the brandThe brand’s signature Easy Peasy yarn is made from a blend of cotton and nylon that won’t fray and allows stitches to be seen effortlessly. Even better, the kit came with the first magic loop pre-made for me, making the hardest step for me out of the gate and allowing me to develop my fundamental skills before having to do one on my own. Essentially, it was just what I needed to teach myself how to crochet – and after completing Fred the Dino, my very first crocheted plushie, I was absolutely hooked (no pun intended).

It wasI’ve been searching for free patterns on Google for a long time and heading to my local craft store to buy more yarn and polyfill stuffing, so when The Woobles team reached out to me and asked if II would be interested in discovering their next book, Woobles Crochet Amigurumi for all occasionsI answered immediately with a big yes. The book is out today, October 11, and herethat is whys then worth it for beginner crocheters and long-time crafters alike.

The book

Woobles Crochet Amigurumi for all occasions contains step-by-step instructions for creating 21 different adorable crochet plush creations designed to celebrate lifethe brightest moments. The book starts with all the basic information you need on things like yarn weights, hook sizes and other necessary equipment such as padding and safety eyes before you get into the art of hooks. hook. It gives step-by-step instructions for everything from holding your crochet to reading the patterns before sharing the different stitch types and techniques, and also includes a web link to video tutorials in case you find them helpful. The videos are extremely clear, so even if youre a beginner, he shouldIt doesn’t take too long before you start putting things together and building your first crochet piece. You might even start to wonder why so many people struggle with magic curls.

amigurumi crochet woobles for every occasion

(Woobles Crochet Amigurumi for all occasions by Simon and Schuster)

Since I already had a basic knowledge of crochet after my The Woobles kit, the 21 crochet patterns that followed made me very excited. Theyare all party-themed, with pieces for engagements, baby showers, housewarmings and birthdays, though most pieces are versatile enough to be crocheted for other purposes, or just for fun. pleasure. While the book is currently out of print on The Woobles website, you can share your email to be alerted when they restock.

the woobles birthday hook

(Woobles Crochet Amigurumi for all occasions by Simon and Schuster)

The Amigurumi

Pyrus and Li pears

There were so many delicious things in the book that I wasI don’t know where to start, but I finally decided to start with the first model for Pyrus and Li the Pears. As of this writing, I have noI couldn’t get more Easy Peasy yarn (its in The Woobles store on Amazon, but temporarily out of stock), so instead I just used the basic yarn I have at home. ThisIt’s not as easy to work with, or as cute and bubbly, but it had to be done. It also took me way too long to invest in safety eyes, so I just used black yarn to create eyes for all my crochet stuffed animals.

My husband was attracted to the model and asked me if I could give him a pear, except with a big mustache of Sam Elliott, so thatthat’s what I did ! The pattern was easy to follow and gave me adorable results, with just the right shape and using what II learned from my experience making different shapes and making Fred the Dino I was able to make a decent mustache shape in a nice gray yarn.

Crochet pear woobles

Cornelius the bee

Cornelius the Bee was my next project, and this one was a whole new experience because of the color changes in the yarn. Luckily for me, the book included fantastic instructions on how to make them. Adding wings and antennae was also a new experience, but it turned out exactly how I wanted it to, including the funny half circles I gave it for the eyes.

Crochet bee woobles

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While the star in the book is actually included in a larger moving piece for a baby, I was drawn to it alone because of its unique shape and the method of creating it, which involved using half crochets as well as double crochets. hooks to mold the unique star shape, then sew the two halves together. All in all, it was simple, but very satisfying.

woobles star hook

Ollie the Lamb

Ollie the Lamb is by far the most complex model in the book, but I think the results are also among the most impressive. The instructions create more of a blanket with a stuffed head than a real plush, with a very varied texture thanks to the inclusion of very many Dc5tog stitches (or pom-pom stitches).

Id only never down of them pom pom stitches before starting Ollie, for another project where they were the front legs of a tiny French bulldog. Here they have been detailed, making the individual clusters of the sheeps woolly coat, and repeated over 350 times during the pattern. It was a process, of course, taking many nights of dedicated crochet, but fully worth the fabulous end results, and this is one that II showed myself to everybody.

crochet woobles sheep

Clint the Cactus

II’m sure this Clint the Cactus is about to become one of the Woobles most popular models because itis simply irresistible. I decided to make one for my mum, who loves cacti and succulents, and to tie up her love for Gucci by incorporating their colors into the pot. I also left the mouth for a slightly different effect.

woobles potted cactus hook

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Pippa the octopus

Ii bought a lilac yarn, i loved the color but with no real plan, but when i landed on pippa the octopus i knew id found the perfect project. I really liked this one because it was so different from the others, especially with the way the pattern started from the top of the head and the way the legs were crocheted before they were sewn. This project also suggested filling the plush with potpourri. Instead, I used a strong chai tea bag before gathering the piece at the end like a pouch and securing it. She still smells wonderful – and I also appreciate the little details on the lashes I gave her.

crochet octopus woobles

Walter the bear

Last but not least in the book was Walter the Bear, a cute teddy bear head sticking out of a cupcake wrapper. This one was especially fun to put together due to all the separate parts, using entirely new skills to put Walter together.s head with his ears and muzzle, plus sprinkled frosting and cherry on top. The cupcake liner also came together with more traditional crochet, creating distinctive jagged edges by crocheting in the back loops. While my bear lost his cherry tail and had a loose eye when one of my dogs borrowed him for the afternoon, he always looks absolutely perfect – and I don’ti don’t think heThis will be the last book project I visit.

woobles bear cupcake crochet

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Beyond the Woobles

After my experience with The Woobles, II am now completely obsessed with crocheting and have spent more money than I have on colorful yarn.I would like to admit. I like the ease of the process, the fact that there iss some margin for error and how simple it is to go back and redo the steps when youI messed them up. You can also get results pretty quickly, and it’s really satisfying to do something from scratch in the span of an afternoon.

II will definitely return to the book for other projects in the future, but for now II am grateful to themgave me the basics and taught me what I need to know, so II’m not mystified when I find models online. For example I have done below The sand man– pieces inspired by Matthew the Raven, Merv Pumpkinhead and the Corinthian Skull using my new skills. TheyThese are not The Woobles patterns, but The Woobles allowed me to make them.

Sandman inspired crochet stuffed animals

II am also waiting for parts of a kit to crochet my very first sweater – and itAll thanks to the Woobles.

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